About Me

girlinaviators I’m 25 years old living in the South. You’ll recognize me on Social Media as Sheila Bedelias. My blog is named after my grandmother. She lived in the Cherokee National forest, and she introduced me to hiking and exploring nature at a very young age. I guess you could say this is my tribute to her.

I went to college, got a degree and work full time at a job in my field (loving every minute of it!) Single with no family and I’m working on finding out who I really am gypsysouland what I like and want in life. So far I’ve discovered that I have a gypsy soul. My personal identity has really been a mystery up until now because I had no life between working multiple jobs and dead end relationships (no I’m not bashing men- some of those relationships were toxic friendships). When I’m not busy with my career I enjoy exploring new territory and trying new things. Road trips, cooking and crafts- I love it all! I’ve never felt as alive as I do now, and I hope my enthusiasm in new experiences and ideas shines through in my blog.