Leave Pinterest Alone!

As a single 25 year old woman Pinterest is my other half that inspires me to be a sassier version of Martha Stewart. Unfortunately, I have half the time and a 1/8 of the living space therefore I need a place to store all my good ideas, quotes and articles electronically.

Sure Pinterest makes me feel really, really poor when I look at ideas for houses and weddings but Pinterest has also  helped me solve a lot of dilemmas in the past 3 years:

check mark box Quotes that make me feel less bad about not having my life together at 25 (or any age really)

check mark box Ideas for blonde highlights

check mark box Grumpy Cat Memes

check mark box Crockpot recipes so I can trick men into thinking I can cook

Those are just a few examples. I use Pinterest all the time for so many different things. One does not simply spend less than 30 mins on Pinterest at a time. You can’t have all the great tutorials, memes, outfit ideas and recipes without a few haters so here’s 3 common complaints and my plea to leave Pinterest alone!

leave pinterest alone

“Pinterest is for Girls” No way! Anyone can use Pinterest. Some of the funniest memes I’ve sent to my guy friends I pulled off Pinterest. Pinterest is also great for a guy who wants to impress his girlfriend with a thoughtful date or gift from one of her pins (#yourwelcome) Pinterest can also be a guy’s best friend because it has great tutorials for fixing up a home and neat money saving tricks. Sure it’s girl-friendly, but once you get through that top layer of pink weddings, 100 different ways to curl your hair and shirtless, sexy guys making breakfast there’s plenty of content for men to enjoy.

“I’ve already seen everything at Weddings on Pinterest” I worked in the wedding industry when Pinterest became popular in 2012. Within six months I started hearing complaints that weddings weren’t original anymore because everyone was copying everything off Pinterest. “Yeah  that’s cool but I’ve seen it before”. Why are people looking at weddings like new product launches? “Yeah the wedding was great but I saw someone else on Pinterest who already decorated with whiskey barrels.” This is silly. If you went to the wedding with a new york fashion week attitude instead of embracing their legal love story you may want to find some new hobbies on Pinterest because you’re clearly bored. The wedding is all about the bride and groom and if she wants a chalk board sign that says “Pick a seat and not a side” or burlap runners that have been pinned and used a million times before her let her enjoy those. People need to calm down about calling people out on their “Pinspiration” at weddings. Just shut up and eat the cake.

nailedit#Pinterest Fails Pinterest Fails are what happen when someone tries to re-create the same fondant cake as a baker with 10+ years experience or a picture by a professional photographer without a well behaved child, decent camera or editing equipment. Sometimes people don’t want to try anything off Pinterest because of the funny mishaps. They think it will be a waste of time, frustrating or embarrassing.  Don’t be scared of failure. No one does something for the first time and completely nails it so if its something you truly like to do experiment a few times and find out what works for you. Also be sure and start out at the appropriate skill level. If you’ve never made a dessert before in your entire life start out with 3 ingredient brownies- don’t go straight for the creme brûlée. Pinterest is great for inspiring and learning so embrace the trial and error.





So now can we all agree Pinterest is an awesome way to teach yourself to do practically anything and isn’t specific to females? And for the love of God don’t ever criticize a wedding for doing something you’ve seen done before. Instead find a way to compliment the couple on how they took the idea and added their own twist to fit their personality. And if at first you don’t succeed try and try again. Remember Pinterest is our friend not our enemy<3



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