7 Reasons Why Crafty Girls are Better

I’m always seeing articles pop up in my newsfeeds about how blondes, fit chicks, nurses, moms etc. are better and I’m here to represent the crafty women! So here you go, 7 reasons why girls who craft are the best. girl with scissors 1. our imagination/we’re creative which inherently means we’re more fun and hilarious. Part of the reason kids are so much cooler than adults (and maybe even happier?) is because they look at a cardboard box and they see a fort, a microwave, a cave, a house, a boat- all sorts of things. As an adult you look at a box and you see trash/recycling and wonder why it’s still sitting there. Crafty girls look at the box and see it with the eyes of a child. It could be exactly what they’re looking for to build their set for a stop motion (which by the way I’ve made one and it’s here) or a doll house for their nieces with some gift wrap, popsicle sticks and glitter. Our imagination goes beyond crafting. Get on a hot topic in pop culture or current events and wait for the witty and clever remarks to fly. Our imagination gives us quite the sense of humor.

2. We’re independent (Female MacGyvers) or tutorial queens if you will- there’s no situation we can’t get ourselves out of. If we need to hang a picture, change a light bulb or put together a bookcase we don’t need to call a guy to come help us. You see, one does not simply finish a craft without running into a problem. Sometimes you run out of glue or need a phillips screw driver when you only have an allen wrench so you improvise and get really creative at problem solving. We’ve navigated through sticky situations and it doesn’t scare us. We learn, laugh and/or start over. Failure isn’t an Eff word for us.

3. We own our own tools. Unless you inherited your grandfathers wood shop and all it’s contents our tool box probably puts yours to shame. Also, for our girlfriends we know how to sew! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to help sew buttons back on and adjust store bought Halloween costumes. Anytime my friends need a minor alteration or something fixed they come to me to see if I can do or have what they need. Crafty girls will save you money and-

4. We’re smart with money. We look for coupons and wait for things to go on sale because we can’t fathom spending 10 bucks on a ball of yarn. With a 40% coupon from the Sunday paper well- now you’ve got yourself a deal mister Michaels or misses Hobby Lobby. It translates into other areas of life, too. We don’t spend ridiculous amounts of money on Forever 21 accessories that make us say “I can make that” or “that will fall apart by the third time I wear it”.  Instead of us having a headband in every color of the rainbow that we may last a few months we’d rather make our own 3 neutrals that can go with any outfit and make it last for years.

5. We use Pinterest which typically means we have 1,000 recipes we’re dying to try. As someone who was raised on hot pockets and lean cuisines and as an adult travels a lot for work, I can say there’s a lot of appreciation for people who can make home cooked meals. Even if its just 6 ingredients dumped into a crockpot I love when someone (or myself) cooks! I’ve ate at some snazzy restaurants where the cheap meals are still over 40 bucks and I’d take a Pinterest meal anyday over those. Cooking is tricky with all the measuring and chemistry and if someone is willing to cook for you  it’s kind of a big deal. They are putting themselves out there knowing the food could completely suck. Fortunately, us craft girls are used to the possibility of failure and kind of don’t care so we will try and do anything in the kitchen!

6. As avid Pinterest users we also have Pins for workouts and make up so we probably are attractive You’re welcome. #armcandy

7. We’re busy and don’t need that much attention (if we make time for you then you’re pretty special) I don’t know what it is about being in my mid to late 20s but men act like they’re doing me a favor by hanging out with me sometimes or worse try and give me the ultimatum “COME TO THE BAR RIGHT NOW OR I’M NEVER SPEAKING TO YOU AGAIN. THIS IS YOUR ONE CHANCE” No joke I’ve got texts like that from at least 3 guys in the past year and it makes me gag. Between knitting, sewing, painting, blogging, cooking, making jewelry, and other crafty things I’m not desperate for anyones attention. I keep myself occupied. In fact, when I step away from those hobbies to go out and spend time with people it means I really like them because I LOVE making stuff. Another plus is that my broskis that like playing video games and having guys nights out instead of me being whiney and pouty that I can’t come  I’m like “insert hand gesture yes!” That’s the perfect night for me to set aside and go to town on some crafts.

I ended on an odd number. If your OCD and like even numbers add your comment below with another great reason girls who craft are completely awesome 😉


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