New Year Resolutions of a 25 Year Old Career Girl

If you’ve every wondered what New Years Resolutions a 25 year old career girl makes or you’re 25 and want to see how you compare, then you’re on the right blog.  Not to be cocky or better than thou but I’m kind of obsessed year round with self improvement and making a point to treat people kind (unless they’re mean then I’m a complete jerk with no regrets). I still wanted to keep with the tradition of brainstorming ways to make the new year better than the last so here’s my list of how I plan to make 2015 more fun and less stressful than previous years.

new years girl

Me celebrating New Years Eve 2014

1. Don’t Buy New Outfits I’m the worst about justifying clothing purchases because I feel like I NEED it for an event/outing/date whatever. In all reality I’ve worn the same clothing sizes since 2009 and having bought 2-3 outfits every month that I NEEDED over the past 5ish years and the absolute last thing I need is more clothing. I’ll tell you what I do need- a time machine to give old me an old fashion ass kicking for wasting so much money on clothes and less on travel. Will I get the urge to buy sundresses bikinis and fringe crop tops I technically don’t have the body to wear in 2015? Absolutely I will! But I’m a little wiser and less materialistic than Sheila of the past and now I acknowledge outfits have little to do with great memories.  I’m going to work really hard to remember that statement the next time I get the urge to buy clothes that I don’t need.

2. Pay My Bills Early I’m typically a procrastinator and wait to the last day to make payments but I have the money available at least two weeks in advance. I’m going to start putting my checks in the bank the day they are written and paying my bills as soon as statements are ready.  The more stress I can control in my personal life the better. Stress makes you fat, wrinkly and tired and in 2015 I want to be beautiful, energized and youthful.

3. Take More Videos My parents were the fancy parents on the block in the early 90s with a camcorder and they recording all the important stuff. Birthdays, Christmas, Easter and family from out of town visiting. Pictures are cool but they’re so staged. I love how candid and unpredictable video is. My parents captured so many awesome one-liners and farts from my childhood. One of the best things about video is that they last longer than people do so even when my pets, friends and grandparents have died it’s been nice to go back and look at videos because in that moment they’re still so real.

4. Less Selfies More Pics with a Purpose I took a gazillion selfies in 2014. This year I want to try and share more pictures with a story and less “look at me I’m cute” type pics. I’m getting too old for that. I’ve got lines in my forehead now and it takes me like 10 mins to find a good angle. I’d rather just leave 10 mins earlier for wherever I’m going to have more time to make jokes or be punctual in general.

5. Keep my alcohol and sugar intake under control I admit it- I currently consume too much of both and it’s horrible for my health. I’d like to trade my nights downtown for coffee dates and sweet tooth for healthy snacks or more exercise.

6. Delete Tinder Let’s forget that I ever downloaded it and never speak of it in 2015- Capeesh?

7. Discard Toxic Friendships I’m not being a last resort for anyone in 2015- man or woman. You’re my friend 100% or not at all. I’m also taking notice of friends who are only there for me when alcohol is involved or when they think I can help them get ahead. Now friends that read this don’t get huffy and puffy and think this is about you- if you read my blog you’re a super good friend! I’m talking about people that pop up every few months and after we hangout I’m like “Ehhhh I wish I would have stayed in” or “God how can they treat other people so horrible”.  To be honest, I get super lonely sometimes. In the past I’d be so desperate to hangout with anyone really just to get out and talk and I started surrounding myself with people I don’t want to have things in common with. They weren’t criminals or anything but they used people and lied about stupid things and were only there for me when it was convenient for them and that’s not cool.  Those kind of friends also tend to never want to do anything except eat and drink and I’d rather go on an adventure or get creative. The last half of 2014 I started getting more into my crafts, exercise and “me” time and it’s been great for my soul. I hope I can stay focused and not relapse in 2015 😀 And for those wonderful friends that I have and that inspire and challenge me I want to be the best friend they could ever ask for and inspire and challenge them in return. If anyone else has any suggestions for 2015 or wants to post their resolutions please do so! I love getting comments- makes me feel cool 🙂


One thought on “New Year Resolutions of a 25 Year Old Career Girl

  1. I love everything here. I love how focused you are and I hope I can be half as focused as you in the coming year. My only resolutions for this year are keeping to my budget and finally reconnected with friends that I may have lost while at school or by working too much. Oh and start doing more art projects.


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