Flaws are Fine

Practically everyday when I log on to check my social media there’s another woman apologizing or expressing distress over her flaws and it makes me sad. Flaws are fine!

flaws are fine

No one should ever have to apologize for not looking like Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lawrence nor should they have social anxiety over their looks.

I’m hear to tell all these women they’re gorgeous and more beautiful than they know.

So what you have a mole, cellulite, crooked teeth or a bad haircut? Own it and screw the people who can’t see past it to acknowledge your talents or beautiful soul (you know, the part of you that is kind & funny).

In an effort to see less women complaining about not being perfect and have more fun I’m going to do the unthinkable- I’m exposing 5 of my least favorite flaws. It’s really hard because some of them are embarrassing and bother the hell out of me. Then there’s that weird chance a super cool guy on the fence about me is going to be like “oh no, I didn’t notice that about Sheila. Gross!” But whatever. I’d rather other women feel less messed up than me have hot dates.

It’s the worst when flaws are out of my control and related to genetics. At the same time it’s kind of empowering to let the world know that I know there’s weird things about the way I look and I accept the weird traits that make me different and drop a few points on a hotness scale. The goal is to make up for those with my charm and niceness.  If you don’t get to know someone based on a physical flaw you’re kind of stuck in third grade and you’re going to miss out on a lot of great people in life- not just me.

1. I have bad teeth I had braces from 4th until 7th grade because my teeth were so bad the orthodontist wanted to start working on my teeth asap because it would take years to correct. After having them on for 3 years I had to have them taken off because my parents couldn’t afford to have two children in braces and my sister was in high school so it was her turn. (When I went to do my FAFSA when I started college I learned the actual reason was that my mom couldn’t afford to buy every stupid gadget sold on QVC and HSN and still pay for braces) Regardless I was relieved to get my braces taken off and when my sister had her braces taken off and I could finally start phase 2 of my braces I was 16. Despite having a severe overbite and cross bite I told my parents I was happy with my teeth and didn’t want to go thru braces again because they hurt and I didn’t want braces in my prom or graduation pictures.

2. I have a saggy butt You’ll never see me featured on the “Yeah, she squats” Facebook page. Even when I get super into exercise it’s no where near to perfect.

3. I’m a hairy lady To the point I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on laser hair removal.  I even have anxiety dreams over it. And of course it’s the most easy thing for someone to point out if they’re going to fight with me so I’ve cried over a few times in my puberty years but as an adult I have to laugh it off or else I’d never be able to leave the house. My friends who can go days without shaving their legs don’t even know how lucky they are. I’m pretty sure I get prickly in 12 hours.

4. I’m pale and absolutely do not tan And if I do tan it’s super expensive and completely unnatural looking (spray tan) Last summer I spent 60+ a month on spray tans and I received a record breaking number of Likes on social media and compliments. It was fun, but when I moved into an apartment by myself at the end of 2014 the first thing to get cut from the monthly budget was the spray tans. I miss my glow even if it was orange but at the same time breathing in and dousing myself in chemicals 2-3 times a week can’t be good for my skin and lungs. I’m finally okay with going natural.

5. I’m chubby I make a point to be super active when it’s warm out but even at my fittest I still don’t have abs. I guess I struggle with eating healthy. Well I know I do because I LOVE sweets and eat them way too much. I was also raised to always clean my plate and that’s a hard habit to break.

despite all my weird physical quirks I get out there and have a ton of fun. Sometimes it’s as simple as a bonfire or a date, but then sometimes I’m doing really cool stuff for work hanging out with execs at trade shows. You get one life to live so make the most of it and rest assure no matter how ugly you think you look there’s this silly girl in East Tennessee who’s an absolute mess and still puts herself out there. On top of that she’s going to kick your ass if you don’t see your self worth…. Okay I’m too nice to do that but seriously- own your flaws and have fun. No more apologies, ladies.


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