20 Things that happened to me at 25 years old

1. Got my first apartment by myself It was scary between the financial side of things and watching a Ted Bundy movie after the first week of moving in but I’m doing pretty good for myself.

2. Learned to be emotionally independent I used to be the worst of keeping people in my life because it was convenient and because they were there to hangout with. I stayed in relationships that I wasn’t passionate about and kept friends around who were not good people. I needed to feel wanted and they gave me that. I would get anxiety when I spent nights alone or my phone was all quiet on the western front. I’ve learned to love my time to myself and not feel like if I’m not out doing something I’m being a loser. If I spend time with people now it’s because I genuinely like them and want them to be part of my life and vice versa.

3. started my blog Even though I’ve slacked hard the first quarter of 2015 it’s my favorite hobby and I’m glad to share a piece of me with the world if they know how to find my URL 😉

4. Went to my first Horror Cons
horrorconHalloween is in my top 3 favorite holidays and it used to make me so sad to think it only comes once a year. I was so wrong!!! You can dress up year round hanging out at Horror and Comic Cons. The people are so friendly and creative. It’s exactly what I need in my life. It’s been one of my favorite experiences of my adulthood and I hope I can eventually make it to a Comic Con and completely geek out and squeal at all the costumes. View more pics of the adventure here Support indie horror and like the Facebook page the album belongs to, too.

5. Had my First Article Published It was a local magazine and non-paying gig but I am ecstatic and think it is a wonderful start. I am now a monthly contributing writer.

6. Finished my first solid year at my job Made it my first calendar year at a job in my career

7. Saw my first manatees in the wild Who knew something so fat could be so cute!

8. Saw My First Waterfall There for a month straight I made a point to hike to a new one every weekend.

9. Went floating on the River for the first time My Raft popped and the water was unbearably cold til we made it to the end. Technically it was a complete disaster but I’d take that any day over the perfect trip. I like a challenge and improving.

10. Went to Arizona for the first time It was way too hot. I don’t know how ladies maintain their hair and make up in that heat. Beautiful landscape & cityscape though.

downtown phoenix

11. Bought My First Music Festival Tickets I’ll see you suckas at Big Guava in Tampa just before my 26th birthday. All I can say is Zella Day ❤

12. First Promo Girl Jobs Someone thought I was cute and friendly enough to pay 25 bucks an hour to pass out their product and talk to strangers. Easiest money I ever made and I gotta soak it up now because in just a few years I’ll be too old to pull it off.

13. Climbed a 100 ft Fire Tower

14. Made a painting 

15. Lost My First Uncle george reidelThe single most heartbreaking moment of 25 was losing my Uncle George. I was so heart broken I had physical chest pain and I let out some sort of a scream cry into a pillow. He was very special to me. I have a big family. My mom was 1 of 4 and my dad was 1 of 7. Out of all the aunt’s and uncles I’m only in touch with 3 pairs. The others either have such busy personal lives they aren’t interested in me  (I mean, I guess part of it was the overwhelming amount of nieces and nephews on my dads side. There were close to 20 of us) or they’ve committed such sickening crimes I just can’t have anything to do with them. My Uncle George lived in New Jersey so I didn’t get to see him much but he knew more about me and interacted with me more than Aunts and Uncles that live 5mins away. He lived his life spreading kindness like confetti and had a special talent for bringing people together that I absolutely admired. I hate that my cousins have to cope with losing their dad and my aunt losing her husband of over 40 years. It sucks to see people you love hurt and you can’t instantly make it better. There won’t be a single adventure or party I won’t think of Uncle George and how he inspired me.

16. Got pulled over for my first Speeding Ticket (but got a warning!) It was the first day of my friend Whittney interning with me and I was so excited. I had just got an iced coffee and was dancing and singing along with Marina and the Diamonds when I got clocked doing 16 over. I was completely honest and told the cop I wasn’t paying attention and what I was doing instead and he let me off with a warning.

17. Ate Curry… And lots of it! It’s my favorite food for sure now.

18. Had My First Headshots Taken If you’re curious how they turned out after you finish my blog go here to see the results. And “Like” her Facebook page 😉

19. Realized I Can Not Stay Up Late and Party. Ever Again. Once upon a time I could stay up til four and be at work by 10:30 but now if I do that I sleep half the next day away so then I’m depressed. but now I think I’ll live out life going to bed at a decent hour and waking up early and happy so I can seize the day.

20. Got IDed Twice Because Someone Security at a Convention Center Thought I was under 18 I have a phobia of getting old so it felt great!

I’ve got 2 and a half months left of being 25 so hopefully I can do a part 2 blog with the 5 last experiences of 25 that shaped me or added value to my life.


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