20 Things that happened to me at 25 years old

1. Got my first apartment by myself It was scary between the financial side of things and watching a Ted Bundy movie after the first week of moving in but I’m doing pretty good for myself.

2. Learned to be emotionally independent I used to be the worst of keeping people in my life because it was convenient and because they were there to hangout with. I stayed in relationships that I wasn’t passionate about and kept friends around who were not good people. I needed to feel wanted and they gave me that. I would get anxiety when I spent nights alone or my phone was all quiet on the western front. I’ve learned to love my time to myself and not feel like if I’m not out doing something I’m being a loser. If I spend time with people now it’s because I genuinely like them and want them to be part of my life and vice versa.

3. started my blog Even though I’ve slacked hard the first quarter of 2015 it’s my favorite hobby and I’m glad to share a piece of me with the world if they know how to find my URL 😉

4. Went to my first Horror Cons
horrorconHalloween is in my top 3 favorite holidays and it used to make me so sad to think it only comes once a year. I was so wrong!!! You can dress up year round hanging out at Horror and Comic Cons. The people are so friendly and creative. It’s exactly what I need in my life. It’s been one of my favorite experiences of my adulthood and I hope I can eventually make it to a Comic Con and completely geek out and squeal at all the costumes. View more pics of the adventure here Support indie horror and like the Facebook page the album belongs to, too.

5. Had my First Article Published It was a local magazine and non-paying gig but I am ecstatic and think it is a wonderful start. I am now a monthly contributing writer.

6. Finished my first solid year at my job Made it my first calendar year at a job in my career

7. Saw my first manatees in the wild Who knew something so fat could be so cute!

8. Saw My First Waterfall There for a month straight I made a point to hike to a new one every weekend.

9. Went floating on the River for the first time My Raft popped and the water was unbearably cold til we made it to the end. Technically it was a complete disaster but I’d take that any day over the perfect trip. I like a challenge and improving.

10. Went to Arizona for the first time It was way too hot. I don’t know how ladies maintain their hair and make up in that heat. Beautiful landscape & cityscape though.

downtown phoenix

11. Bought My First Music Festival Tickets I’ll see you suckas at Big Guava in Tampa just before my 26th birthday. All I can say is Zella Day ❤

12. First Promo Girl Jobs Someone thought I was cute and friendly enough to pay 25 bucks an hour to pass out their product and talk to strangers. Easiest money I ever made and I gotta soak it up now because in just a few years I’ll be too old to pull it off.

13. Climbed a 100 ft Fire Tower

14. Made a painting 

15. Lost My First Uncle george reidelThe single most heartbreaking moment of 25 was losing my Uncle George. I was so heart broken I had physical chest pain and I let out some sort of a scream cry into a pillow. He was very special to me. I have a big family. My mom was 1 of 4 and my dad was 1 of 7. Out of all the aunt’s and uncles I’m only in touch with 3 pairs. The others either have such busy personal lives they aren’t interested in me  (I mean, I guess part of it was the overwhelming amount of nieces and nephews on my dads side. There were close to 20 of us) or they’ve committed such sickening crimes I just can’t have anything to do with them. My Uncle George lived in New Jersey so I didn’t get to see him much but he knew more about me and interacted with me more than Aunts and Uncles that live 5mins away. He lived his life spreading kindness like confetti and had a special talent for bringing people together that I absolutely admired. I hate that my cousins have to cope with losing their dad and my aunt losing her husband of over 40 years. It sucks to see people you love hurt and you can’t instantly make it better. There won’t be a single adventure or party I won’t think of Uncle George and how he inspired me.

16. Got pulled over for my first Speeding Ticket (but got a warning!) It was the first day of my friend Whittney interning with me and I was so excited. I had just got an iced coffee and was dancing and singing along with Marina and the Diamonds when I got clocked doing 16 over. I was completely honest and told the cop I wasn’t paying attention and what I was doing instead and he let me off with a warning.

17. Ate Curry… And lots of it! It’s my favorite food for sure now.

18. Had My First Headshots Taken If you’re curious how they turned out after you finish my blog go here to see the results. And “Like” her Facebook page 😉

19. Realized I Can Not Stay Up Late and Party. Ever Again. Once upon a time I could stay up til four and be at work by 10:30 but now if I do that I sleep half the next day away so then I’m depressed. but now I think I’ll live out life going to bed at a decent hour and waking up early and happy so I can seize the day.

20. Got IDed Twice Because Someone Security at a Convention Center Thought I was under 18 I have a phobia of getting old so it felt great!

I’ve got 2 and a half months left of being 25 so hopefully I can do a part 2 blog with the 5 last experiences of 25 that shaped me or added value to my life.


Flaws are Fine

Practically everyday when I log on to check my social media there’s another woman apologizing or expressing distress over her flaws and it makes me sad. Flaws are fine!

flaws are fine

No one should ever have to apologize for not looking like Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lawrence nor should they have social anxiety over their looks.

I’m hear to tell all these women they’re gorgeous and more beautiful than they know.

So what you have a mole, cellulite, crooked teeth or a bad haircut? Own it and screw the people who can’t see past it to acknowledge your talents or beautiful soul (you know, the part of you that is kind & funny).

In an effort to see less women complaining about not being perfect and have more fun I’m going to do the unthinkable- I’m exposing 5 of my least favorite flaws. It’s really hard because some of them are embarrassing and bother the hell out of me. Then there’s that weird chance a super cool guy on the fence about me is going to be like “oh no, I didn’t notice that about Sheila. Gross!” But whatever. I’d rather other women feel less messed up than me have hot dates.

It’s the worst when flaws are out of my control and related to genetics. At the same time it’s kind of empowering to let the world know that I know there’s weird things about the way I look and I accept the weird traits that make me different and drop a few points on a hotness scale. The goal is to make up for those with my charm and niceness.  If you don’t get to know someone based on a physical flaw you’re kind of stuck in third grade and you’re going to miss out on a lot of great people in life- not just me.

1. I have bad teeth I had braces from 4th until 7th grade because my teeth were so bad the orthodontist wanted to start working on my teeth asap because it would take years to correct. After having them on for 3 years I had to have them taken off because my parents couldn’t afford to have two children in braces and my sister was in high school so it was her turn. (When I went to do my FAFSA when I started college I learned the actual reason was that my mom couldn’t afford to buy every stupid gadget sold on QVC and HSN and still pay for braces) Regardless I was relieved to get my braces taken off and when my sister had her braces taken off and I could finally start phase 2 of my braces I was 16. Despite having a severe overbite and cross bite I told my parents I was happy with my teeth and didn’t want to go thru braces again because they hurt and I didn’t want braces in my prom or graduation pictures.

2. I have a saggy butt You’ll never see me featured on the “Yeah, she squats” Facebook page. Even when I get super into exercise it’s no where near to perfect.

3. I’m a hairy lady To the point I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on laser hair removal.  I even have anxiety dreams over it. And of course it’s the most easy thing for someone to point out if they’re going to fight with me so I’ve cried over a few times in my puberty years but as an adult I have to laugh it off or else I’d never be able to leave the house. My friends who can go days without shaving their legs don’t even know how lucky they are. I’m pretty sure I get prickly in 12 hours.

4. I’m pale and absolutely do not tan And if I do tan it’s super expensive and completely unnatural looking (spray tan) Last summer I spent 60+ a month on spray tans and I received a record breaking number of Likes on social media and compliments. It was fun, but when I moved into an apartment by myself at the end of 2014 the first thing to get cut from the monthly budget was the spray tans. I miss my glow even if it was orange but at the same time breathing in and dousing myself in chemicals 2-3 times a week can’t be good for my skin and lungs. I’m finally okay with going natural.

5. I’m chubby I make a point to be super active when it’s warm out but even at my fittest I still don’t have abs. I guess I struggle with eating healthy. Well I know I do because I LOVE sweets and eat them way too much. I was also raised to always clean my plate and that’s a hard habit to break.

despite all my weird physical quirks I get out there and have a ton of fun. Sometimes it’s as simple as a bonfire or a date, but then sometimes I’m doing really cool stuff for work hanging out with execs at trade shows. You get one life to live so make the most of it and rest assure no matter how ugly you think you look there’s this silly girl in East Tennessee who’s an absolute mess and still puts herself out there. On top of that she’s going to kick your ass if you don’t see your self worth…. Okay I’m too nice to do that but seriously- own your flaws and have fun. No more apologies, ladies.

7 Qualities & Habits You Develop When You’re 100% Independent

This isn’t my first time living outside of mama and papa bears house. I’ve shared condos and apartments with multiple people and it was a good run but I’ve reached that age where people tend to get serious with their relationships so it’s harder and harder to find roommates. Just a year ago if you would have told me “Sheila, this time next year you’re going to have a one bedroom apartment to yourself” I would have been like “Are you effing high?! I’m not living alone. It’s scary and for losers”. This time last year my plan was to live with my parents and save up money for a downpayment on my own condo by the time I’m 30 but my parents are borderline hoarders and the clutter drove me insane and I REALLY missed having my own space. So here I am in my awesome one bedroom apartment (with a garage so I have so much more room for activities). In the past few weeks here are 7 qualities and habits I’ve Developed since I’ve been 100% independent.

Independent Woman

1. You Buy One of Everything and Use It Until It’s Gone. You have to be way more responsible with your money. You don’t have anyone to share groceries or toiletries with so to budget accordingly you buy one of what you need and use it until it’s gone. When I had roommates or lived at home I would have a shower full of different shampoos and hair products and a wide variety of cereals. “Is it a fruity pebbles or a wheat chex kind of day?” That’s a question you don’t get to ask yourself anymore. You start putting a lot of thought into which cereal you get because it’s the only you’re going to have the next week or two.

2. You Justify Restaurant Meals By Portioning It Out RIP Salmon Ceasar Pasta Salad from Cheddar’s. Actually all restaurant salads. There’s no way I can spend 12 dollars on food in one sitting and not feel guilty about it, and eating second day salad is slimy and gross (Gag!). Now when I go to restaurants with my friends I look for meals I can break up into 2 or 3 servings because then it averages out to about 3-5 dollars a serving so I don’t feel so bad. I still get in my fair share of vegetables and salads but not at restaurants because the prices are insane. For 10 bucks I can get enough vegetables and salad mix to last me like 3-4 days.

3. You are Less Glued to Your Phone and Tough I initially felt sorry for my friends when I moved out because I thought “Oh man, I’m going to be so bored and lonely I’m going to be texting them to death” but I think I text less now than when I lived at home. I guess I’m busier cleaning and making sure my place is Fresh and Clean Outkast style. Since I’m a minimalist I feel like my creative juices flow more than when I was in clutter hell at my parents. Oh, and scary noises in the night you become numb to. With the exception of an incident with my garage door breaking and sending me into level 10 paranoid weird sounds don’t get to me. The car door slams, wind that sounds like taps on the window and weird cracking and popping sounds of whatever- maybe the building settling? Those noise are sooo whatever. If it’s someone breaking in I don’t even care because I will drop kick a mother trucker. I seriously feel so brave and strong I should be a Mortal Kombat character if that game is resurrected.

4. You Watch Your Bank Account I check my bank account more than I check my Twitter. Not only am I making sure my spending is in check and constantly doing math to make sure funds are available when bills come in, but I’m also making sure my cards haven’t been compromised. There’s way too much hacking going on. No one is safe. Hide your cards, hide your passwords- they’re credit raping everyone.

5. You Stop Drinking at Bars Kind of the whole point of me going to bars in the first place was because I didn’t have a place to have people over so it was the perfect place to meet up. Now that I have my own place I have zero desire to go to a bar. If you even mention the word cover charge I’m throwing my hand up saying I’m out- with the exception of birthdays and special events. And paying 6 dollars for a liquor drink when I can get a whole bottle to last me months for like 20- no way! I would rather be at home playing on Pinterest with Friends on the TV in the background. I also wear a lot of flip flops and I’m tired of “beer feet”.

6. Your Internet Browsing History Makes You Look Like Martha Stewart Once upon a time if you went through my history you’d find tons of celebrity articles, memes and Facebook. I was all about finding stuff to make me laugh and entertain me. While I still look up my fair share of funny stuff I primarily look up recipes & healthy eating, coupons, cleaning & decorating tips. I’m in the process of becoming the ultimate homemaker on accident. I just really like my place and me and want to take excellent care of both ;).

7.You Realize How Little You Ever Needed Now that I have to provide everything I need for myself my impulse buys are knocked down to zero. Used to I’d see a coffee tumbler or dog toy and just be like “Oh, ten bucks that’s nothing” and buy it. I was actually sad at first about moving out and not being able to buy what I wanted when I wanted but it’s not so bad. It was a lesson I needed to learn. I was at a marketing breakfast at a trade show in October where they talked about a theory that people are happiest when they make a purchase or in anticipation of an item arriving and I was soon guilty of that. I’d be so excited to buy something and then use it or wear it like once and completely forget I had it. Now I’m all about memories & traveling (which I know I talk about this point in my blog all the time now) so when I see things I want I realize I don’t want it as bad as a concert or plane ticket and put it down and keep walking. I still load up online shopping carts with cool stuff but don’t follow through with payment because as weird as it is that makes me just as happy as buying it? I’m weird and it’s okay because it keeps me from being broke!

Share your experiences and habits you developed your first time living alone below. I LOVE comments!

New Year Resolutions of a 25 Year Old Career Girl

If you’ve every wondered what New Years Resolutions a 25 year old career girl makes or you’re 25 and want to see how you compare, then you’re on the right blog.  Not to be cocky or better than thou but I’m kind of obsessed year round with self improvement and making a point to treat people kind (unless they’re mean then I’m a complete jerk with no regrets). I still wanted to keep with the tradition of brainstorming ways to make the new year better than the last so here’s my list of how I plan to make 2015 more fun and less stressful than previous years.

new years girl

Me celebrating New Years Eve 2014

1. Don’t Buy New Outfits I’m the worst about justifying clothing purchases because I feel like I NEED it for an event/outing/date whatever. In all reality I’ve worn the same clothing sizes since 2009 and having bought 2-3 outfits every month that I NEEDED over the past 5ish years and the absolute last thing I need is more clothing. I’ll tell you what I do need- a time machine to give old me an old fashion ass kicking for wasting so much money on clothes and less on travel. Will I get the urge to buy sundresses bikinis and fringe crop tops I technically don’t have the body to wear in 2015? Absolutely I will! But I’m a little wiser and less materialistic than Sheila of the past and now I acknowledge outfits have little to do with great memories.  I’m going to work really hard to remember that statement the next time I get the urge to buy clothes that I don’t need.

2. Pay My Bills Early I’m typically a procrastinator and wait to the last day to make payments but I have the money available at least two weeks in advance. I’m going to start putting my checks in the bank the day they are written and paying my bills as soon as statements are ready.  The more stress I can control in my personal life the better. Stress makes you fat, wrinkly and tired and in 2015 I want to be beautiful, energized and youthful.

3. Take More Videos My parents were the fancy parents on the block in the early 90s with a camcorder and they recording all the important stuff. Birthdays, Christmas, Easter and family from out of town visiting. Pictures are cool but they’re so staged. I love how candid and unpredictable video is. My parents captured so many awesome one-liners and farts from my childhood. One of the best things about video is that they last longer than people do so even when my pets, friends and grandparents have died it’s been nice to go back and look at videos because in that moment they’re still so real.

4. Less Selfies More Pics with a Purpose I took a gazillion selfies in 2014. This year I want to try and share more pictures with a story and less “look at me I’m cute” type pics. I’m getting too old for that. I’ve got lines in my forehead now and it takes me like 10 mins to find a good angle. I’d rather just leave 10 mins earlier for wherever I’m going to have more time to make jokes or be punctual in general.

5. Keep my alcohol and sugar intake under control I admit it- I currently consume too much of both and it’s horrible for my health. I’d like to trade my nights downtown for coffee dates and sweet tooth for healthy snacks or more exercise.

6. Delete Tinder Let’s forget that I ever downloaded it and never speak of it in 2015- Capeesh?

7. Discard Toxic Friendships I’m not being a last resort for anyone in 2015- man or woman. You’re my friend 100% or not at all. I’m also taking notice of friends who are only there for me when alcohol is involved or when they think I can help them get ahead. Now friends that read this don’t get huffy and puffy and think this is about you- if you read my blog you’re a super good friend! I’m talking about people that pop up every few months and after we hangout I’m like “Ehhhh I wish I would have stayed in” or “God how can they treat other people so horrible”.  To be honest, I get super lonely sometimes. In the past I’d be so desperate to hangout with anyone really just to get out and talk and I started surrounding myself with people I don’t want to have things in common with. They weren’t criminals or anything but they used people and lied about stupid things and were only there for me when it was convenient for them and that’s not cool.  Those kind of friends also tend to never want to do anything except eat and drink and I’d rather go on an adventure or get creative. The last half of 2014 I started getting more into my crafts, exercise and “me” time and it’s been great for my soul. I hope I can stay focused and not relapse in 2015 😀 And for those wonderful friends that I have and that inspire and challenge me I want to be the best friend they could ever ask for and inspire and challenge them in return. If anyone else has any suggestions for 2015 or wants to post their resolutions please do so! I love getting comments- makes me feel cool 🙂

7 Reasons Why Crafty Girls are Better

I’m always seeing articles pop up in my newsfeeds about how blondes, fit chicks, nurses, moms etc. are better and I’m here to represent the crafty women! So here you go, 7 reasons why girls who craft are the best. girl with scissors 1. our imagination/we’re creative which inherently means we’re more fun and hilarious. Part of the reason kids are so much cooler than adults (and maybe even happier?) is because they look at a cardboard box and they see a fort, a microwave, a cave, a house, a boat- all sorts of things. As an adult you look at a box and you see trash/recycling and wonder why it’s still sitting there. Crafty girls look at the box and see it with the eyes of a child. It could be exactly what they’re looking for to build their set for a stop motion (which by the way I’ve made one and it’s here) or a doll house for their nieces with some gift wrap, popsicle sticks and glitter. Our imagination goes beyond crafting. Get on a hot topic in pop culture or current events and wait for the witty and clever remarks to fly. Our imagination gives us quite the sense of humor.

2. We’re independent (Female MacGyvers) or tutorial queens if you will- there’s no situation we can’t get ourselves out of. If we need to hang a picture, change a light bulb or put together a bookcase we don’t need to call a guy to come help us. You see, one does not simply finish a craft without running into a problem. Sometimes you run out of glue or need a phillips screw driver when you only have an allen wrench so you improvise and get really creative at problem solving. We’ve navigated through sticky situations and it doesn’t scare us. We learn, laugh and/or start over. Failure isn’t an Eff word for us.

3. We own our own tools. Unless you inherited your grandfathers wood shop and all it’s contents our tool box probably puts yours to shame. Also, for our girlfriends we know how to sew! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to help sew buttons back on and adjust store bought Halloween costumes. Anytime my friends need a minor alteration or something fixed they come to me to see if I can do or have what they need. Crafty girls will save you money and-

4. We’re smart with money. We look for coupons and wait for things to go on sale because we can’t fathom spending 10 bucks on a ball of yarn. With a 40% coupon from the Sunday paper well- now you’ve got yourself a deal mister Michaels or misses Hobby Lobby. It translates into other areas of life, too. We don’t spend ridiculous amounts of money on Forever 21 accessories that make us say “I can make that” or “that will fall apart by the third time I wear it”.  Instead of us having a headband in every color of the rainbow that we may last a few months we’d rather make our own 3 neutrals that can go with any outfit and make it last for years.

5. We use Pinterest which typically means we have 1,000 recipes we’re dying to try. As someone who was raised on hot pockets and lean cuisines and as an adult travels a lot for work, I can say there’s a lot of appreciation for people who can make home cooked meals. Even if its just 6 ingredients dumped into a crockpot I love when someone (or myself) cooks! I’ve ate at some snazzy restaurants where the cheap meals are still over 40 bucks and I’d take a Pinterest meal anyday over those. Cooking is tricky with all the measuring and chemistry and if someone is willing to cook for you  it’s kind of a big deal. They are putting themselves out there knowing the food could completely suck. Fortunately, us craft girls are used to the possibility of failure and kind of don’t care so we will try and do anything in the kitchen!

6. As avid Pinterest users we also have Pins for workouts and make up so we probably are attractive You’re welcome. #armcandy

7. We’re busy and don’t need that much attention (if we make time for you then you’re pretty special) I don’t know what it is about being in my mid to late 20s but men act like they’re doing me a favor by hanging out with me sometimes or worse try and give me the ultimatum “COME TO THE BAR RIGHT NOW OR I’M NEVER SPEAKING TO YOU AGAIN. THIS IS YOUR ONE CHANCE” No joke I’ve got texts like that from at least 3 guys in the past year and it makes me gag. Between knitting, sewing, painting, blogging, cooking, making jewelry, and other crafty things I’m not desperate for anyones attention. I keep myself occupied. In fact, when I step away from those hobbies to go out and spend time with people it means I really like them because I LOVE making stuff. Another plus is that my broskis that like playing video games and having guys nights out instead of me being whiney and pouty that I can’t come  I’m like “insert hand gesture yes!” That’s the perfect night for me to set aside and go to town on some crafts.

I ended on an odd number. If your OCD and like even numbers add your comment below with another great reason girls who craft are completely awesome 😉

Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars

So I made a deal with a friend this weekend if they made dinner I would make dessert. With Thanksgiving less than a week away of course I had a pumpkin treat in mind! I took to Pinterest for inspiration and put together my own recipe for pumpkin cheesecake bars.

pumpkin cheesecake bars

pumpkin cheesecake bars

Ingredients for Crust 

  • 24 oreos (or sugar free oreo-like cookies)
  • 2 tbsp melted butter

Ingredients for Cheesecake

  • 2 8oz packages greek yogurt cream cheese
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
  • 1tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup pumpkin puree

To make the crust: First, pre-heat oven at 325°. Next, crush up the oreos using a blender or food processor for the best results. (I have a ninja blender and use the single serve smoothie attachments to crush my oreos six at a time. I tried doing them all at once with the large blender but it didn’t work so well) Once you have the oreos crushed, mix them with the melted butter and spread the mixture into the bottom of an 8 x 8 baking pan. Once the mixture is in the bottom of the pan press down and make sure it is evenly spread. Now you are ready to put the crust in the over for 12 minutes.

While the crust is baking start working on the cheesecake mixture

First, using a hand mixer combine the cream cheese. Once the cream cheese no longer sticks inside the mixing attachments you are ready to add the honey. Gently mix the honey in and once it is combined you are ready to add the pumpkin puree. Next you’ll add both the  vanilla extract and pumpkin pie spice. For the final prep step of the cheesecake you will mix one egg in at a time. Now if you want to lick the mixture I promise I won’t tell 😉 Seriously though try it and if the pumpkin taste isn’t strong enough for you go ahead and add the rest of the can if you bought an 8oz can.

After the crust is done baking for 12 mins and the cheesecake mixture is prepared pour the cheesecake mixture on top of the oreo crust and bake at 325° for 40 mins.

Once the cheesecake bars are done baking take them out of the oven immediately and let them cool on the counter 15 mins before placing in the refrigerator to cool for 3 hours minimum. Overnight is ideal (if you leave them in the over and simply turn off the oven the bars will continue to bake until the heat subsides)

Once the bars have cooled enjoy your delicious creation and share how the recipe turned out for you below.

Cheers to happy baking!

My thoughts While I Run

Do you want to know who I am? I’m the girl that goes to get frozen yogurt in her running clothes. To be completely honest, I don’t even always workout before I go but I like to trick people into thinking I’m super active so they don’t judge the size of my yogurt cup. However, when I do run I always look down at my Nike Running App and feel good about the 300+ calories burned and immediately wonder if any of my friends are up for ice cream. Can you relate?

Maybe I’m not as weird as I think but just as a test here’s an infographic of my thoughts while I run that somehow lead to ice cream at the finish line.

Oh, and another weird confession- sometimes my thoughts are hashtags!


Leave Pinterest Alone!

As a single 25 year old woman Pinterest is my other half that inspires me to be a sassier version of Martha Stewart. Unfortunately, I have half the time and a 1/8 of the living space therefore I need a place to store all my good ideas, quotes and articles electronically.

Sure Pinterest makes me feel really, really poor when I look at ideas for houses and weddings but Pinterest has also  helped me solve a lot of dilemmas in the past 3 years:

check mark box Quotes that make me feel less bad about not having my life together at 25 (or any age really)

check mark box Ideas for blonde highlights

check mark box Grumpy Cat Memes

check mark box Crockpot recipes so I can trick men into thinking I can cook

Those are just a few examples. I use Pinterest all the time for so many different things. One does not simply spend less than 30 mins on Pinterest at a time. You can’t have all the great tutorials, memes, outfit ideas and recipes without a few haters so here’s 3 common complaints and my plea to leave Pinterest alone!

leave pinterest alone

“Pinterest is for Girls” No way! Anyone can use Pinterest. Some of the funniest memes I’ve sent to my guy friends I pulled off Pinterest. Pinterest is also great for a guy who wants to impress his girlfriend with a thoughtful date or gift from one of her pins (#yourwelcome) Pinterest can also be a guy’s best friend because it has great tutorials for fixing up a home and neat money saving tricks. Sure it’s girl-friendly, but once you get through that top layer of pink weddings, 100 different ways to curl your hair and shirtless, sexy guys making breakfast there’s plenty of content for men to enjoy.

“I’ve already seen everything at Weddings on Pinterest” I worked in the wedding industry when Pinterest became popular in 2012. Within six months I started hearing complaints that weddings weren’t original anymore because everyone was copying everything off Pinterest. “Yeah  that’s cool but I’ve seen it before”. Why are people looking at weddings like new product launches? “Yeah the wedding was great but I saw someone else on Pinterest who already decorated with whiskey barrels.” This is silly. If you went to the wedding with a new york fashion week attitude instead of embracing their legal love story you may want to find some new hobbies on Pinterest because you’re clearly bored. The wedding is all about the bride and groom and if she wants a chalk board sign that says “Pick a seat and not a side” or burlap runners that have been pinned and used a million times before her let her enjoy those. People need to calm down about calling people out on their “Pinspiration” at weddings. Just shut up and eat the cake.

nailedit#Pinterest Fails Pinterest Fails are what happen when someone tries to re-create the same fondant cake as a baker with 10+ years experience or a picture by a professional photographer without a well behaved child, decent camera or editing equipment. Sometimes people don’t want to try anything off Pinterest because of the funny mishaps. They think it will be a waste of time, frustrating or embarrassing.  Don’t be scared of failure. No one does something for the first time and completely nails it so if its something you truly like to do experiment a few times and find out what works for you. Also be sure and start out at the appropriate skill level. If you’ve never made a dessert before in your entire life start out with 3 ingredient brownies- don’t go straight for the creme brûlée. Pinterest is great for inspiring and learning so embrace the trial and error.





So now can we all agree Pinterest is an awesome way to teach yourself to do practically anything and isn’t specific to females? And for the love of God don’t ever criticize a wedding for doing something you’ve seen done before. Instead find a way to compliment the couple on how they took the idea and added their own twist to fit their personality. And if at first you don’t succeed try and try again. Remember Pinterest is our friend not our enemy<3


How To Be a Good Roommate


Being a good roommate isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds. You’d think as long as you’re nice and cool to be around everyone would love living with you. Nope. It’s way more complicated. You’ve got to think about how different we’ve all been raised and the different opinions on acceptable ways to live. Without further ado let’s get straight to the point and discuss how to make sure you find that the balance between being sloppy and a Sheldon.


Discuss Cleaning Expectations It’s important to know your roommates’ idea of what is acceptable. Some people wash dishes immediately after a meal while others wait until the sink is full. Some people think it’s okay to remove a trash bag and leave it until the next time they go outside while others think this is unsanitary and it needs to be taken out immediately. Before you move in sit down and talk about how you were raised and your cleaning habits. Come to a mutual understanding of how the two of you will work together to take care of the place. Maybe you clean individually as you go or wait and clean as a team. Just make sure both of you have an idea of what to expect out of the other as far as cleanliness.

Discuss Visitor Expectations The size of your living space and whether your roommate is a light sleeper will have a great impact on visitors. I once lived in a 1300sqft apartment with 3 other girls all on one level with our bedrooms connecting to the living room so parties during the week were a little unacceptable, however, when I graduated college I lived in a 2000sqft, 3 story condo with two other roommates and someone could throw a party in the lower level and no one would ever know it til you got up the next morning and the trash can was littered with crushed Bud Light cans. It is also smart to discuss the frequency of visitors (don’t end up having a live in significant other not contributing to the bills), safety concerns of strangers in the apartment (I once had a roommate invite a random guy from the liquor store to a party which was not cool) and along with safety concerns address who is allowed to be in the apartment by themselves or have a key. It’s a cruel world we live in. I’ve had a friend whose had checks stolen from her best friend since childhood so be very careful who you give access to your home without supervision.

Open Lines of Communication Don’t let things that bother you stay bottled up because this will lead to an emotional explosion. On the opposite end if your roommate discusses concerns with you without raising their voice or using curse words make a point to hear them out. If you truly feel they’re in the wrong refer to the expectations you discussed prior to moving in. Never ever ever no matter how mad or annoyed you are start cursing and yelling. Maintain some class. Explain how you feel and why you feel what you feel and what can change so that you don’t feel that way. Once you share your side give the other person a chance to speak. You can’t control how they react but if they curse and yell just let them get it out of their system and brush it off. You did what you could to improve the situation. If you can’t come to an agreement I would begin to look to for ways to have someone else take over your lease.

Don’t leave notes or send texts when you’re upset Written communication is hard to interpret. SOMETIMES CAPS MEANS I’M ANGRY but SOMETIMES CAPS MEANS I’M EXCITED it’s kind of ridiculous how easy it is to get it twisted. Some people are also sensitive and need to see your face and hear your voice to gauge the scale of the issue. What you may think is a small request may come off as super bitchy to the other person especially if they are already having a bad day. So maybe you should just breath and invite your roommate out to dollar slice night at the local pizzeria so you can talk and joke at first then ease into what’s going on around the house.

Pay Your Part of the Bills On Time If you have a roommate it’s safe to assume neither one of you are making that great of money or else you’d probably have your own place so write your checks for bills on time. Stressing over money is the worst and without your check the other roommate may not have enough in their account to pay the bill. Don’t get slammed with an easily avoidable late fee.  Also, if the bills are in your name let your roommates know the amount due as soon as you get the bill so they can plan accordingly. People get busy and if you wait til the day before to tell them their half of the electric bill was 80 bucks you may put them in a bind.

Those are five items to get you started on the path to being a good roommate. What would you add to the list? You never know I may end up being a roommate again one day and I’d love to know what other advice you have to offer in the comments 😀

Pumpkin Spice Oreo Balls

If you haven’t heard Pumpkin Spice Oreos have invaded Walmart and they’re delicious! But you know what makes them every more yummy?!? If you make them into truffles (oreo balls!)

These Pumpkin Spice Oreo balls are only 4 ingredients and require no cooking. They are the perfect office treat or pick-me-up for yourself or a friend needing to get into the Fall Spirit after a rough week.


Ingredients: One package of Pumpkin Spice Oreos, one package of cream cheese and  1tsp of pumpkin pie spice depending on your level of pumpkin love. White Candy Melts (chocolate chips can be used but I don’t recommend them. They have a horrible consistency when melted)

Equipment: Blender/something to finely chop up Oreos, wax paper, cake pop sticks and melting pot

Step 1) Crush Oreos until they have the consistently of sand (I recommend using a blender or food processor. Back in my broke college girl days I used a hammer and not only was it time consuming but the texture was just never right. You can do it but you won’t get great results) 

Step 2) add Pumpkin Spice Oreos, cream cheese and pumpkin pie spice into blender

Step 3) Roll batter into truffle-sized balls and place on wax paper. Store these in the fridge for 30 mins to an hour so they can harden for dipping in the chocolate coating

Step 4) Melt chocolate/candy melts in a melting pot and dip the balls using cake pop sticks.

Step 5) Place chocolate covered balls on wax paper and put in the fridge for another 30 mins.

Step 6) This is the most crucial step to the process. In order to get maximum enjoyment out of your Pumpkin Spice Oreo Balls make sure you are in the Fall Spirit! Pop in Hocus Pocus or another Halloween favorite and now you are ready to enjoy all the awesomeness that is Pumpkin Spice Oreo Balls!

P.S. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pumpkin Spice flavored anything! If you have any recipes or products you think I should try please share those with me in the comments!